My friend you have survived.

You have been beaten by waves, so you too learned to swell.
You have been burnt by spitfire, and learned to speak it's tongue.
You have been etched by enemies, and lovers alike, 
so you bound your body as sacred script.
You are an ancient seed cradled in fertile soil.
Hidden, potent, and waiting.

My friend you have arrived.

Letting go as an act not an action

The Peruvian Shaman of the Q'ero, teach how to die consciously. To die many times in our lifetime, so that we can be fully available to life.

When we fall out of balance with the creative nature of life, the cycle of life and death, death lives inside us. 

To be stalked by death is to fear endings, letting go, and to hold tightly in our muscles, in our presence, in our mind, all that no longer carries what is vital and good for us.

The past does not stay in the past, the future is written by what is known, and we cannot change because the great mystery is in the unknown, and that is death's land.

To those that find themselves unable to move on from old patterns, going back to that person you know isn't good for you, or stuck in a loop without direction, you now find yourself here, at the intersection of the old and new life, but without the tools to transition.

Trauma is the wired response to an event to diminish, reject or alter your needs and reality to survive.

This can show up in so many ways. Often our 'normal' everyday choices stem from deeply rooted pains, and we cease to think about or give weight to events we just had to 'get over'.

   If you always make the right, logical choice, but don't feel right about it

   If you're always supporting others, but never getting support

○   If you've been described as 'too much' or too emotional

  If the same themes come up for healing over and over

Then there's more here for you.

And once you are aware of this, you are gifted the awareness of a choice. 

  To step outside your known, creating an unknown result
  To show up for yourself
  To discover a new relationship with your mind, body, and emotions
  To have resolution and finally be able to let go

I teach self reflective practices to reconstruct an inner world that fosters growth, clarity, and liberation from self harm and internalized trauma. 

Through energetic clearing, mentoring, breath work, journeying and tarot, we pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs hidden in your blind spots that keep you locked in painful cycles. These become entry points to assist you to navigate though self reflective practices where you'll learn to develop a fearless relationship to your body, emotions, voice and unbound potential.

Together we uncover the tools necessary to restructure your inner world by creating a safe, unconditionally accepting space for transformation.

I do this by teaching embodiment, which is the process of transitioning from the possession of conceptual knowledge, to lived, breathed, hands in the dirt, experienced wisdom.

Going from knowing something, to being something.

I stress the importance of developing a radically honest connection with yourself by first coming home to your body and developing safety and trust within the physical.

From there you are equipped with an understanding of emotional identification, knowledge of your affinities and triggers and learn how to speak to and listen intuitively and compassionately to your deepest fears as you begin to see long hidden and unknown parts of you begin to surface.

This is a wild ride that scares the hell out of most. You might be feeling your heart aching and dancing in your chest. Feel an excitement that is both exciting and intimidating, but if you're here then you're ready to meet yourself at your most raw and vulnerable. At the threshold of the barriers that have weathered your storms, which is also the most charged place of transformation and rebirth.

I offer this as a space to be known, seen and understood for those in their journey who have had to do without. Who have become resilient and well armored from their fight. Who's experiences have left them seeking truth, sharped with knowledge, but yet to soften to wisdom.

My name is Angela Salmon

I am a shamanic practitioner, multi-media artist, tarot reader, and esoteric guide specializing in the integration and healing of trauma, emotional intelligence, and connecting to your voice, creativity and inner knowing.

I assist in anchoring that wild soul back into the body, where you relearn safety, trust, and connection to self. From there going inward, to all the hidden, and waiting rooms that hold the stories of your greatest fears, gifts, and potential. You do the work, I hold sacred space. We deep dive and then... rebirth.

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